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ICT Systems Installation Plans

  Only after comprehensive analysis of your requirements can implementation of a new ICT system or component proceed.  Hardware, software licensing and 3rd-party services are sourced at the most competitive prices available, ensuring optimum cost-benefit, reducing total cost of ownership and delivering the maximum return on your investment.  We employ formal project management techniques, including careful risk control and change management.  Care is taken to see that all users needs are catered for and that project stakeholders understand how they will be effected.  Brainbox Solutions ensure minimum disruption to your mission-critical business activities throughout the installation cycle.  Work can often be carried out off-site or outside normal business hours.  Thorough planning for trouble-free implementation of new ICT systems or components typically includes the following stages.



  Consultation User Needs Analysis
Feasibility Study
Comparative Technology Analysis
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Communication of Technical Issues to Key Personnel
    Planning Systems Integration
Network Design
Remote Access
Project Management
Risk Management
  Deployment Site Preparation
Hardware Acquisition
Software Licensing
Asset Management
Physical Installation
Network Connectivity
    Retirement Data Migration
Data Destruction
Asset Liquidation
Graphical Project Timeline
Graphical Project Timeline  

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